Yellowstone Farm
Freezer Beef

What is Freezer Beef?

For those new to the term, Freezer Beef refers to Beef animals that are sold to the consumer in large quantities for the sole purpose of stocking one's Freezer.  Quantities may vary from as much as a whole animal down to a half animal or less.  In most cases, when the consumer is buying Freezer Beef, they are purchasing a half or whole animal and will be receiving cuts of meat from various sections of the animal.

At Yellowstone Farm our goal is to make available to the consumer the finest pure bred grass fed Angus Freezer Beef .  We have a closed herd of Registered Angus Cows.  This means that we do not bring in other animals to our cow herd.  Our animals are born and raised on our farm.  Our young animals are allowed to nurse off of their mothers and learn to forage grass, until we wean them in the fall.  During this period, they are growing fast and  developing strong bones and muscles.  By the time that they are weaned they have learned to forage grass and eat hay (dried grass).



When the calves are weaned, they are started on a daily ration of  oats and a blended calf starter mix for the next six months.  This will help their bodies grow and replaces the protein they were getting from their mother's milk.  They will also be fed hay through the winter months and will stay on the farm eating grass and hay for more than twenty months.

You may wonder, why not let the calves stay with their mother's longer.   By the time the calves are weaned, their mother's have already been bred with Registered Angus AI Bulls and are pregnant again.  The cows need all the protein that was in the milk for the developing embryo inside of the cows.  A cows pregnancy takes nine months, just like humans.   In the spring, a new calf will be born and the cycle starts over again. 














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