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Yellowstone Farm
Animal Propagation

Herd Bull & A.I. Bulls

Mated with registered Angus cows from our closed herd,

to produce our purebred Angus calves.

The first Angus herd Bull "Nemo"



A.I.  Bulls used on the farm to produce the Angus calves from our registered Angus cows.

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Other A.I. bulls will be used in the future to improve on the genetic makeup of our calves.  The object is to produce an animal that will grow fast on a primary diet of fresh grass and hay, which will be lean, and at the same time produce good marbling in the finished product.

All of our cows are registered purebred Angus animals.  We run a closed herd, which means that we do not bring in new stock to our cow herd.  Replacement cows are born on our farm and at the age of two years will have their first calf. 

Bull  calves will become our steers and heifer calves are used as replacement cows or sold as breeding stock.